How Are You Inspired by Nature?

While hiking in California some years ago, I found the most magnificent tree I’d ever seen—a redwood of such grandeur that I nearly fell over backward trying to see its highest boughs. As I came closer, the smell of its resins enveloped me, and when I ran my hand across the deep creases of its…

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The Real Story of THE ANCIENT ONE

I’m very excited that my book, THE ANCIENT ONE, is being re-released by my publisher on March 8th of this year. Originally published in 1992, the book, part of my Heartlight Saga, tells the story of Kate, an inquisitive teenager who finds herself caught in a battle over the fate of a pristine Redwood forest…

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The Real Magic of Merlin

Wizards are full of surprises. They change faces, personalities, and forms at will. They grow younger, older, or stay forever the same age. They appear when least expected, and often vanish when most needed. In the sheer ability to surprise, however, one wizard outshines all the rest. He is the greatest of enchanters, the mentor…

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What Does it Mean to be a Hero?

Prior to this week’s announcement of the 2015 winners of the Barron Prize, I asked my Facebook fans to share with me their ideas around heroes and heroism. Many of today’s popular movies and television shows focus on superheroes — people with exceptional strength, speed, or other super-human abilities — but I have always been…

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The Power of the Barron Prize

Being recognized by the Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes comes with a number of perks – a cash award, of course, to support the winner’s service work or higher education, as well as the chance to have the winners’ efforts profiled through media and news organizations. But beyond the initial award, being part of…

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Why Write About Nature?

Have you ever seen the stars shine so bright you almost needed to squint your eyes? On peaceful nights when I look up at the dazzling stars shining above our family cabin on the slopes of the Colorado Rockies, I understand the power of nature to make me feel both truly insignificant and greatly magnified…

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Inspiring Those on a New Path with Merlin’s Wisdom

My book, “The Wisdom Of Merlin: Seven Magical Words for a Meaningful Life” makes a marvelous gift for people beginning a new path in their life. With that in mind, for the recent graduation season I reached out to several bloggers and asked them to share their very best advice for graduates of all levels…

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Celebrating the Wisdom Of Merlin on Instagram

A few weeks ago I asked my fans on Instagram to submit their most magical and compelling photos encapsulating one of Merlin’s 7 magical words: Gratitude, Knowledge, Courage, Hope, Belief, Wonder, Generosity… or Merlin’s final magical word: Love. The winners have been drawn and notified, but I wanted to highlight a few more of my…

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Book Tour Wrap Up

My May Book Tour has officially wrapped… another amazing journey! It seems like it was just yesterday I was planning and preparing for my visits to schools and bookstores around the country — and now it’s over. To be able to tour, meet friends old and new, speak to groups, and inspire people with Merlin’s…

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Signed Books Available

I’ve had a great time on my book tour over the last several days! I wrote about my east coast adventures, and I’ll be writing more on the west coast stops later. For now I wanted to let you know that I’ve left behind several copies of signed books at each of my stops as…

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