Merlin the Movie Update: January 2009

by | Jan 30, 2009 | Blog, Books, Merlin, Movies, News

Having just returned home from a creative meeting at the Paramount studio in California (the third such meeting in three months), I can tell you there is great excitement for this project. We still have much to do to achieve the goal of a phenomenal feature film — but things are moving in the right direction.

Paramount has acquired (and also recently renewed) the option to make a movie of Merlin’s lost years—the magical time of his youth—based on the first book of the epic. And the project could not be in better hands. This is truly the best team I could have asked for: They understand the power and depth of young Merlin—and they also know how to make spectacular movies.

That’s EXTREMELY important to me, since I’d much rather have no film at all than have one that’s anything less than SUPERB. Merlin deserves only the best! And so do you, my loyal readers.

In addition to the people at Paramount, I am thrilled to be working with producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura (whose most recent film, Transformers, was a huge box office success worldwide). Earlier in his career, Lorenzo was the head of worldwide production at Warner Bros., where he helped to make The Matrix, Perfect Storm, and many other successful films.

Scriptwriter Simon Kinberg has written the original script for this project. And believe me, wherever Merlin is right now, he is just as delighted as I am. For Simon is truly a crafter of powerful, compelling stories. His most recent films include X-Men 3 and Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Now, a word of caution: Hollywood is probably the most unpredictable place on the planet. (I’ve concluded it’s just as bizarre and full of surprises as Merlin’s isle of Fincayra.) So even with our recent progress, this movie could still take a long time to complete, or may never even happen. But I am greatly encouraged by what I’ve seen recently.

This team is determined to make a movie that’s truly fabulous. That’s why I’m staying involved in the process as much as possible. Whatever does happen, I’ll keep you up to date right here on this website, as well as in my newsletters.

The goal of everyone involved in this project is to create a film that’s truly worthy of Merlin!