Introducing Magic & Mountains

by | Sep 12, 2022 | Blog, News, Podcast

“All we have, truly, all we have, is our time and our souls.” – T. A. Barron

I am thrilled to announce the upcoming release of my new podcast, Magic & Mountains!

This is a project that I have been eager to share for so long because it gives me the opportunity to share some of the things that I am truly passionate about — storytelling, nature, true heroes, and the magic of Merlin — with like-minded friends like you! 

Episodes will explore the topics of magic, life, and times of the wizard Merlin; the wonders and challenges of nature; the joy, the pain, and the mystery of the creative process; and the surprising inspiration of heroes. 

We will also discuss the writing process and how to give your creativity wings when it comes to creating and sharing your own written words.

It’s a podcast for those who enjoy the magic of storytelling, for those who love the wizard Merlin, for those who appreciate the beauty of nature, and for those who seek to be inspired, enlightened, and empowered to live their lives as a story  — and maybe create a few of their own along the way! 

The first episode, coming October 3, 2022, will explore the magic of Merlin, how I encountered and built a relationship with this amazing character, and what sparked me to create The Merlin Saga. We dive into the challenges I faced while adding to the tapestry of myth around this beloved character. A tapestry that began with oral traditions of the Druids and Celts and was first written down by Welsh monks 1000 years ago. We discover three reasons why Merlin is still around today, and why we need him now more than ever.

This magical journey will continue throughout the rest of 2022 and I invite you to join me.

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