The Real Magic of Merlin

by | Dec 17, 2015 | Blog, Books, Merlin

Wizards are full of surprises. They change faces, personalities, and forms at will. They grow younger, older, or stay forever the same age. They appear when least expected, and often vanish when most needed. In the sheer ability to surprise, however, one wizard outshines all the rest. He is the greatest of enchanters, the mentor of King Arthur, the inspiration of thousands of tales in dozens of languages. He is Merlin.

The Greatest Wizard of All Time

This wisest of wizards lives most vibrantly in the realms of story, imagination, and spirit. He even (as many of us have discovered) accepts visitors on occasion. Yet his magic extends far beyond the page and, if we allow it, can transform our lives for the better. I’ve been a friend of Merlin for over 20 years, uncovering his message and telling his lost tales. Yet I continue to discover just how magical the power of Merlin can be.

Merlin’s journey of discovery of his true magic really mirrors the journey that all of us take throughout our lives. Like the boy who washed ashore at the beginning of The Merlin Saga with no clue whatsoever about his wondrous future, each of us harbors hidden capacities, hidden possibilities… hidden magic. Though our talents may be yet undiscovered, they are nonetheless there. The Merlin you read about in my books has struggles, sorrows, joys, and aspirations… and, hidden deep within him, a remarkable gift. And just like the young Merlin, all of us are washed ashore, half drowned, at some point in our lives. And all of us, like the greatest wizard of all, have great magic within us: the ability to reach for the stars.

Merlin’s Real Magic

At the start of The Merlin Saga, very early in his story, young Merlin rushes into a fiery blaze to save his mother’s life — and also the life of his enemy. He gets burned, so badly that he loses his sight and is blind. This is a terrible low point in his life. But a miracle happens: In time, he discovers a whole new way of seeing, using his inner magic. He gains a new kind of sight, which enables him to see not just what is on the surface of things… but also what is beneath the surface. In the way of a wizard, Merlin can see not only with his eyes, but with his heart.  And it is through this method of “seeing” with his heart that Merlin really discovers the power of the seven most magical words on earth — each of which gives anyone a chance to live a life of meaning… as well as magic.

Through the power of Merlin’s magical words — those same words that wise wizard in the crystal cave shares in The Wisdom of Merlin: 7 Magical Words for a Meaningful Life — we all harbor a bit of magic inside of us. If we listen closely, and feel his spirit of joy, unity, and generosity, we might even find a wizard — a Merlin of our own — somewhere inside of ourselves.  And what a remarkable surprise that would be.