Atlantis Rising – Today’s the Day!

by | Sep 26, 2013 | Blog, Books, Fantasy, News, On Writing

Today is a very exciting day – the launch of my latest book, Atlantis Rising.

Atlantis – a name, a place, and a mystery, all in one. Like you, I’ve always wondered about this mythic isle…and dreamed of boarding a magical sailboat to go there, explore its secrets, and discover what was lost for all time. The mysteries of Atlantis have called to many people over the centuries—ranging from Plato to Isaac Newton, J. R. R. Tolkien to Doris Lessing, Leo Tolstoy to Jules Verne. Distinguished company, for sure, but on this boat there is room for all of us.

Ever since Plato first described the horrendous cataclysm that destroyed the island in “a terrible day and night of destruction,” this place has inspired countless stories, poems, songs, and musings. Take, for example, the words of Arthur C. Clarke, who said that Atlantis “will always be an ideal—a dream of perfection—a goal to inspire men for all ages to come.”

Yet despite everything that’s been written about Atlantis, we know very little. Why? Because those stories always focus on the island’s violent end. Its destruction. Its disappearance from the known world.

But what about its birth? How was this magical place actually created? What people helped it happen—or tried desperately to stop it? What was it like originally, in its earliest days, before it became a celebrated legend? What secret forces gave Atlantis such remarkable—maybe even miraculous—power?

For years, I confess, these questions have gnawed at me, in thoughts by day and dreams by night. The time has come to do something about that.

So come with me, then, as we sail away to Atlantis. We will explore the creation of a place—and a legend. And we will witness the birth of this wondrous isle. When that moment arrives, it will be a time of great triumph…although it will also hold the seeds of equally great tragedy to come.

On the way, we’ll find a few surprises. As well as the dangerous mixture of magic, greed, passion, hope, and faith that caused the island to be born…and ultimately, to die.

Strange as it may seem, the story begins with a certain young vagabond – a knife thrower who almost never missed his target.


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