More Bloggers Inspired By The Wisdom of Merlin

by | Mar 23, 2015 | Blog, Books, Merlin

I’m delighted that more bloggers are sharing their thoughts on Merlin’s magical words in celebration of the March 24th publication of my book, The Wisdom of Merlin: 7 Magical Words for a Meaningful Life. I’m pleased to share with you this second set of posts in this series of reflections on Merlin’s wisdom:


“I find wonder in the books, in museums, through my kids’ eyes, in the people I meet, through walks in the forest.”

The wise E.B. White once advised us to “always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder.” Angie of describes how her small children have a way of reminding her to look with ‘fresh eyes’ at the world around us.

“The enemy of seeking out wonder, however, is busyness. When we’re too rushed and hyper-focused on the task at hand, we might as well be walking around with blinders on.”


“I try to emphasize daily acts of generosity that impact the people we interact with regularly.”

Frederick of shares a touching story about the positive difference small acts of Generosity can have — not only on the person on the receiving end, but also on the person who takes the time to offer their gifts:

“My daughter was awestruck when she saw much joy Lily received from the simple things most kids take for granted such as going to the movies, getting her nails done, or spending time with friends.”


“In the end, hope provides more meaning to life.”

Tawanna, who blogs at, knows just how much Hope can change your outlook. Her story of how hope has guided through a rough period in her life is relatable to anyone who has experienced challenges and uncertainty:

“I wake up everyday hoping that it’s a healthy day. I hope for a cure to end all cancers. I hope for a long life for my son and with the rest of my family.”


“The more I thought about love I realized love is much deeper than a simple definition.”

Love — it’s the word which is woven throughout all of Merlin’s magical words. They cannot exist without the presence of Love. Dwan, of, explores the meanings of love, and how it has expressed itself within her life:

“Love is joy. Love is longing. Love is the ache in your chest when there is a missing piece. Love is celebration. Love is beauty. Love is passion. Love is happiness. Love is completion. Love is protection.”

It is truly thrilling to hear how people are being inspired by Merlin’s magical words! It is my hope that the ideas contained in The Wisdom of Merlin will inspire people from all walks of life.