Merlin the Movie Update: July 2010

by | Jul 2, 2010 | Blog, Books, Merlin, Movies, News

We have reached, at long last, a crucial stage — going out to directors. We now have a short list of terrific, absolutely top filmmakers. Any one of these directors would do a brilliant job. Our goal is to bring one of them onto the project as soon as possible.

Simon Kinberg, who wrote the script for The Lost Years of Merlin — and whose film credits include Sherlock Holmes, X-Men 3, and Mr. and Mrs. Smith — and I will be making the pitches to directors. Honestly, I feel like the magic of Merlin brought Simon onto this project. He is a truly fabulous writer and producer, and is just as passionate about young Merlin’s story as I am (which says a lot).

I hope to have some good news to share with you soon. At the same time, none of us should be surprised if this road through Hollywood still has a few more twists and turns. But — with Merlin’s help — we’ll get to celebrate a major motion picture!