Celebrating Everyday Heroes

by | Jul 27, 2020 | Blog, For Educators, For Young Heroes, Heroes, Inspiration

The heroic people around us may not have super powers — at least, not the kind that allows them to read minds or leap tall buildings — but the qualities they possess and the powers they have to do good are very real.

Heroes are people who advocate for good, triumph over everyday obstacles, and show genuine bravery or strength of spirit. These are the people who work, step-by-step, to make the world a better place, and who inspire all of us to find the best within ourselves.

And, anyone can be a hero. In fact, heroes are created every day! They can be found in our schools, our hospitals, our fire stations, our libraries; they can be found walking down the street in our neighborhoods, and driving along our highways and roads. Sometimes they may have chosen careers that put them in the face of danger or which call on them to sacrifice something for the sake of others, but just as often they are a mom or a dad, a boy or a girl, an everyday someone who encounters a situation that requires them to act with courage, selflessness, and care.

In today’s never-silent, 24/7 media culture, it’s become easy to confuse heroes with celebrities — people whose faces we see on the covers of magazines, on TV shows, and on the Internet. But heroism doesn’t come from being famous or wealthy. But being a hero isn’t about becoming well-known, or seeking the spotlight. True heroism is about character. It comes from qualities that are inside most of us — right at this moment! —like courage, compassion, and the perseverance to carry on in spite of great obstacles.

Everyday heroes are always among us, but it is in the most challenging times that they can reveal themselves in unexpected places: stocking your local grocery stores, making deliveries in your neighborhood, or even working in agriculture to ensure a successful harvest.

Though the heroes we encounter every day don’t seek recognition or accolades for the good they’re giving to others, we can pay them back in gratitude, kindness, and gifts that show we recognize the positive difference they’re making within their communities.

9 Ways to Celebrate Everyday Heroes Where You Live

Leave snacks for your delivery person. They’ve been working hard dropping off your online purchases, your groceries, and your meals during this time. Give them a little fuel to get through the day.

Tip a little extra. Whether you’re eating out or receiving deliveries and other personal services, people could use a little reminder you appreciate the risk they’re taking each day to keep you comfortable and happy.

Make a donation to a local nonprofit. Choose one that provides human needs like food, shelter, and clothing so they can continue their mission during this time of need.

Make a homemade mask for your favorite educator. If you want to make it extra special, have your child’s art printed on the fabric before you sew it using a site like bagsoflove.com.

Shop local. Local businesses are struggling in some areas, and you can easily support them and thank them for staying open by choosing to purchase from them when you can.

Leave a cooler with ice cold drinks for your trash collectors. It’s an easy way to let them know you care on these long, hot summer days.

Make a donation to your local fire station. Many companies host event fundraisers to raise money for their firefighters, equipment, trucks, and daily operations. Now that many of these events have been canceled because of social distancing, a small monetary donation can really make a difference right now.

Write a positive review for a local restaurant. Offering take out, delivery, and in-house dining options can be taxing for a business that hasn’t provided all of these services at once before. If you have a good experience with a friendly staff member and delicious food, take a moment to jump on their Facebook, Google, or Yelp and let them and everyone else know about the job well done.

Give when you shop online. If you choose to shop online, use a service like iGive, GoodShop, or Amazon Smile to ensure your favorite charity receives a benefit as well