Merlin’s Final Magical Word: Love

by | Dec 21, 2019 | Blog, Books, Inspiration, Merlin, Personal Writing

“It’s the most magical word of all. And it’s also the most varied – simple or complex, hidden or revealed, painful or joyous… That word is love.”
THE WISDOM OF MERLIN: 7 Magical Words for a Meaningful Life

Love is magical. In one or all of its varied forms — the unconditional love of a parent or child, the heart-pounding love of romance, or the deep, peaceful love felt while deep in nature — Love is a powerful emotion that has the ability to fill your heart, mind, and soul so completely that it truly feels like magic.

Love is also the strongest of Merlin’s magical ideas. Every one of Merlin’s 7 Magical Words for a Meaningful Life relies on Love to strengthen it and fill it with significance. Love binds to the other concepts so strongly, in fact, that it’s hard to imagine any them existing without it.  And each of those strengthened ideas can, in turn, amplify our desire to seek out Love, to embrace it, to fight for it, and protect it fiercely.

  • Love inspires Gratitude. It makes you thankful to be alive, happy to share the moments of your life with people you care about, and grateful for the joy of doing something that stirs your inner passions.
  • Love requires Courage. Without it, we would lack the ability to care fully and freely for others. Because Love carries with it immense risk, and asks us to expose our most vulnerable selves. It can take great Courage to break down the walls around ourselves and let Love in, but it is also the only way to truly allow it to touch every fiber of our being.
  • Knowledge and understanding are close to the heart of Love, for you can’t offer others great Love if you struggle to know and love yourself. Love beckons us to go deep within ourselves to find a soul-level understanding of another, and the bonds that are created from that Knowledge are the soil from which Love is able to grow.
  • Belief fuels Love. Belief, faith, trust – Love requires that you exhibit these in yourself and that which you care about. Minus these, your Love will be flimsy, easily attacked, and perhaps ultimately destroyed. There is no certainty in Love, just as there is none in life, but there is a measure of peace and a path to happiness available to those who believe.
  • At the core of Wonder is openness, and it is through the doorway of Wonder that we allow Love to flow. Being open to Wonder allows us to explore, to adventure, and to see the things around us with new eyes — eyes which are open to even the smallest spark of Love and warmth in our world.
  • Love encourages Generosity. Because Generosity is about more than simple wish-fulfillment, it is allowing others to share in things of our own. The invisible gift from the heart can make as much impact as any physical gift, and Love makes every day a celebration of giving.
  • It is Hope that allows you to commit to the adventure that is Love. Hope gives you the courage to move forward without fear, to approach each day eagerly, and to look with excitement and positivity for opportunities to express Love.

As you aim to live a meaningful life today and into the New Year, my wish for you is that your days are filled with Wonder and Hope. I wish for you to be guided by your Beliefs, fueled by Courage, humbled in Gratitude, and compelled toward Generosity. Because where those magical ideas reside, there is also Love… of the most meaningful and magical kind.