Lift Your Gaze to the Skies

by | Apr 19, 2016 | Blog, On Nature & the Environment

This entry was contributed by Ren Breaux as part of my “Into Nature” guest blog series celebrating the reissue of my book, The Ancient One.

Image credit: ESO/H. Dahle

Image credit: ESO/H. Dahle (CC-BY)

Lift your gaze to the skies
Starlight floods across vast unknown
Cradled within tranquil shadows
A single burning entity
Illuminated within darkness
Ancient beauty frozen in time
Caught in a seemingly endless spell
When echoes are all that remain
Evanescence of life
Joining the embrace of night
Diminished into legend
Destined to follow ancestral passage
Whispered tales of creation from sisters light
Imprinted within eternity

Nature is one of my comforts and whenever I am immersed in it (particularly forests) I am inspired to create poetry…The night, the stars and nature are linked to my soul as I believe that they are linked to each other.