Merlin fans — I’ve created this page just for you!

Merlin has been my beloved companion for many years. Ever since I first dreamed of a young boy who washed ashore barely alive, and who ultimately became the world’s greatest wizard, I knew I’d been given a story to share — and a deep responsibility to tell that story with all the richness and majesty and power that Merlin deserves.

From books, videos, blogs, articles, and interviews — I’ve had a lot to say about that magical boy (and man) and his awesome adventures. You can find many links below. In addition, a few episodes of my podcast, Magic & Mountains, are completely devoted to Merlin (and you’ll find them in a special playlist below). And you’ll also find a page to help you keep up with the latest news on a the Merlin movie project!

The magic doesn’t end here – there are even more videos of Merlin on my YouTube channel. May you truly feel, as I have, the enduring magic of Merlin!