Merlin Answers Your Questions

by | Mar 30, 2015 | Blog, Books, Merlin

My goodness! When my good friend T. A. Barron told me that he had recently gathered several questions for me from around the world, I never expected quite such an overwhelming number. I must tell you all that it has been truly delightful to read your many queries; some of you are so curious, it puts me in mind of myself when I was a boy. Sadly, it’s beyond my powers to answer every single one; predicting winning lottery numbers isn’t really the domain of a wizard — a fact which I have found decidedly inconvenient on more than one occasion. But I did read several thoughtful entries which I will answer as best I can for you now.

What does magic feel like from inside?

Magic feels like an inner rain shower, rising from some mysterious place inside me and powered by winds from nature all around.  As soon as I release the magic, the rain transforms into light that illuminates my entire being.

If you were ever given the chance to turn back Time and do everything over again, with the chance of correcting any regrettable mistakes, . . . Would you?

Although turning back Time is highly dangerous and fraught with risk…I confess that I couldn’t resist doing it to fix some of my worst mistakes.  I’m just human enough to want desperately to make things right, whatever the cost.  If I could only change one thing, I would have acted faster to save the love of my life, Hallia, who heroically sacrificed herself to save my miserable life.  (That sad story is told in the final book of The Great Tree of Avalon trilogy, The Eternal Flame, which is Book 11 of The Merlin Saga.)

In the solitude of the Crystal cave, while reflecting, what was the one regret that shaped your story the most?

Ah, regret.  The most piercing sword blade of all!  Although my life has been full of many more blessings than regrets… the one sadness that hurts the most is that it took me until my father’s dying breath to forgive him.  While he had done many terrible things in his life – to me, my mother Elen, and our beloved magical isle of Fincayra – he still possessed some goodness down inside.  Although that goodness was buried several layers deep under great pain and brutality, he found it at the very end when he courageously saved Elen’s life and finally redeemed himself.

What do the animals know that we don’t?

Animals know how to be completely and contentedly present in every moment.  That shows enormous wisdom.  I strive to be so fully present, so fully alive, every day of my life.

I’m afraid that is as many answers as I have to give at the moment. It might surprise you to know that even an idle old Wizard such as myself has pressing issues to which he must attend. But I promise to return to answer more of your questions very soon. If you are interested in more of my ideas I encourage you to explore the new book, “The  Wisdom of Merlin: 7 Magical Words for a Meaningful Life,” where I share my thoughts about how our time on this Earth is shaped by just seven Magical words, and how you may learn to use them to make your life the very best it can be.