Introducing Atlantis Rising

by | Sep 19, 2013 | Blog, Books, Fantasy, News

I’m thrilled to introduce you to my newest “baby” – my book Atlantis Rising! This will be the first book in a new series – The Atlantis Saga.  When you read it, you’ll discover that it’s different from any other Atlantis story, because instead of focusing on the destruction of this wondrous lost civilization, I’m telling the story of its creation.

Why Atlantis?  Because open spaces in ancient lore always call to me. And even though it’s been over two thousand years since the first story about Atlantis appeared, every story has been about how or why Atlantis was destroyed. Which led me to wonder, “How was Atlantis born? What really happened? What secret was so powerful that it’s been kept for all these centuries?”

From my writing desk, I set out to explore these possibilities. And found my two new characters, Promi and Atlanta!  Long before they meet, this young man and young woman have already faced tragedy and learned to depend upon themselves. Promi is a resourceful street thief who never shows a moment’s doubt. Atlanta enjoys her self-sufficient life far from Promi’s stone city, using her magical powers to commune with the trees and creatures in her beloved forest.

Neither Atlanta nor Promi consider themselves heroes. But when their world begins to collapse around them, fate throws them together on a quest: to harness forces of tremendous good to defeat powers of terrible evil.  Each is forced to face their deepest fears and vulnerabilities. Together, they discover how to perform miracles that neither could have imagined alone. They find connections between our mortal world and the spiritual place beyond. They make sacrifices that bring about the birth of a magical land, a victory that contains the seeds of later tragedy.

I’ve had such a great experience moving from Merlin’s rich, deep, fabled world to this completely different, but equally rich and powerful world. And now … I feel as close to Promi and Atlanta now as I ever felt to the great wizard!

Of course, the knowledge that Atlantis will somehow vanish hangs over my trilogy. But at the end there’s a twist, a way that Atlantis is still among us all right now.

Hope you all enjoy this new journey!