Congratulations to the 2021 Barron Prize Winners!

by | Sep 20, 2021 | Blog, For Educators, For Young Heroes, Heroes, News

Each year, the Barron Prize awards outstanding young people whose personal stories and service work act as inspiring examples of the power we all have to make the world better. During a most difficult time in our lives, these outstanding young people rose to the challenge of helping others with creativity, compassion, and perseverance. By honoring and supporting these young heroes, we hope to inspire many others.

I invite you to take a moment to read through this year’s list of marvelous, accomplished young people, to visit their project sites, and learn more about them!

Abigail Y., age 17, of North Carolina, who founded the Sustainable Hunger Initiative (SHI) to help underserved families access healthy food and to address residential segregation and poverty.

Adarsh A., age 16, of California, who founded Green Environment Initiatives to design solutions for environmental crises and to provide STEM education for underserved students.

Alexandra C., age 17, of Illinois, who co-founded Students Against Ethylene Oxide (SAEtO), a nonprofit that engages youth in fighting to ban the carcinogenic gas EtO near schools and residential areas.

Brooke and Breanna B., age 14, of Alabama, twin sisters who co-founded Women In Training (WIT) Inc., a youth empowerment nonprofit that advocates for menstrual equity and menstrual education.

Duncan J., age 18, of Florida, who founded Bring Butterflies Back to protect and repopulate South Florida butterflies through education, conservation, and research.

Faraz T., age 14, of New Jersey, who invented TalkMotion, a device that helps people who are deaf and aphonic (voiceless) communicate with people who can hear by translating sign language into verbal language and verbal language back into sign language.

Gitanjali R., age 15, of Colorado, an inventor, young scientist, and advocate for STEM who conducts workshops for students around the world to support them in creating solutions to pressing problems.

Jordan R., age 15, of Missouri, who co-founded Born Just Right, a nonprofit that inspires kids with disabilities to design innovations based on their own differences and experiences.

Michael P., age 16, of Maryland, who created Michael’s Desserts to use his love of baking to help others. For every sweet treat he sells, he donates one to someone in need. He also founded P.L.L.A.T.E. – Power, Love, Learning, and Access To Everyone – to address food insecurity.

Miles F., age 9, of Florida, who founded Kids Saving Oceans to fundraise for ocean, beach, and marine conservation and to educate kids about saving our oceans, one choice at a time.

Olivia S., age 17, of California, who created The Cramm, a daily digital newsletter that summarizes the news for Gen Z in order to educate and activate her generation.

Rachel P., age 18, of California, who founded Curieus, a nonprofit that brings hands-on science to underserved kids to spark curiosity and increase diversity in STEM.

Shreyas K., age 16, of Kentucky, who founded Community AI (Artificial Intelligence) to support students in building AI-driven projects that help communities and the environment, unleashing the power of AI for good.

Sonja M., age 17, of New Jersey, who works to protect wetlands and drinking water sources using a novel bioassessment method she created.

Vivian W., age 18, of California, who co-founded Linens N Love, a nonprofit that rescues gently-used hotel linens and donates them to shelters that support women and children, people experiencing homelessness, veterans, and animals.

When I look at the accomplishments of these inspiring young people and the scope of what they have achieved, I am filled with awe and appreciation. Their hard work makes their ideals and passions a reality and they are an example to us all. Please join me in celebrating their accomplishments!