Everyone can be a hero, a positive presence in the world.

I’ve compiled these resources to help you start your own heroic journey or inspire young heroes in your life. These videos, articles, books, and more can be used in the classroom or at home. Come along and join the hero’s trail!

Over the years, I’ve written a great number of articles and blogs on the topic of heroes. I hope you’ll find them helpful and will share them with others looking to live a heroic life. A life that makes a positive difference to the troubled but beautiful world we all share.

In addition, I’m delighted to provide educational materials from my Free Downloads page to teachers, librarians, parents, and homeschool families to use in exploring the concept of heroes with their students.

For more of these real life stories of young people, I hope you’ll visit our sister sites, the Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes and Inspiring Young Heroes (IYH). The Barron Prize celebrates outstanding young leaders of all backgrounds and descriptions. You can also find many articles about the young heroes of the Barron Prize on the site. IYH is a video portal showcasing the incredible, inspiring stories of some of those young heroes we have honored.

Finally, the videos available below are just a small sample of my videos featuring heroes. For more great videos, check out this playlist of heroes of all kinds — and the full TAB Video Collection on my YouTube channel.