A Space of My Own

by | Mar 3, 2016 | Blog, On Nature & the Environment

This blog entry was created by author David Wiley as part of my “Into Nature” guest blog series celebrating the reissue of my book, The Ancient One.

Sometimes when I am looking to be inspired for my writing I take no iPod or headphones and just run outside, letting my mind wander through scenes coming next in my story. I have fleshed out five or six chapters in a single run before, and when I sat down over the following sessions I knew exactly what to write and in which order to write it all out. This is still a method that works well for me, as running outdoors is a solitary task that allows me the time and space to think about the things I need to consider. It also distracts my mind from considering the strain I am placing on my body, allowing me to go longer and press a little harder than I might have been able to otherwise. Something about being out there among the natural world is exactly what my mind needs to come up with a trove of ideas.

My other source of inspiration simply involves getting out into nature. Unplugging from the computers and televisions and cell phones and other technological devices can be refreshing. It is a reminder that there is a world of beauty around me that I can immerse myself in, taking in the sights and sounds and smells on a nice hike. Green leaves budding overhead, branches swaying in the breeze, bushes rustling as the wind gusts through it, and catching sight of wildlife are all the perfect backdrop for writing inspiration. Plus I have a pretty epic destination to hike to that is relatively close to home. Who wouldn’t be inspired by climbing up to Clark’s Tower, which is basically a miniature castle tower? As a fantasy author, it is a perfect hike even though it is certainly no substitute for the real thing. But in Iowa it is as close as I can get to visiting the real thing, and it is enough.

The best thing about going into nature is not just the fact that it is the perfect place to get writing inspiration, but it is also refreshing the body, mind, and soul to spend some time away from the bustle of life and the constant connectedness of technology. It is the perfect way to spend part of my day, and something I plan to instill in all of my children as they grow older.

David Wiley is an author and avid reader. Read more at authordavidwiley.wordpress.com.