I’ve been a fan of great Halloween costumes for a long time. My kids made some amazing homemade creations over the years, but this Bookshelf costume from several years ago by my daughter Denali (at age 7) is one of my most favorite out of all of them! You can see her “books” (mostly made of cereal boxes), and a few real copies of The Ancient One, which I had just finished reading out loud to her. (That book is also dedicated to her.)

Inspired by the many great costumes of my kids, a few weeks ago I held a Halloween Costume Contest on my Facebook page. There were so many fantastic, magical costumes, I wanted to highlight the winners of the various categories:

Best Merlin Costume
The winner for Best Merlin Costume goes to Pamela (and friend!) for her submission. What a beautiful staff the man on the left is holding — truly fit for a wizard!
I was extremely impressed by the imagination everyone showed, but Jacob’s spoooooky face paint nets him the Most Imaginative Costume prize. I was taken by his creative  mix of bare face and ‘bare’ skull, and it just goes to show that a costume doesn’t have to be made of yards of material.

There were so many marvelous entries for Best Fantasy Costume that I just couldn’t make up my mind, so I am awarding TWO prizes in this category! One prize is awarded to Ashley for her portrayal of the Mad Hatter, and the other to Tina (and friend) for their costumes of Schmendrick the Magician and Lady Amalthea (from the film The Last Unicorn).

Fantasy1 Fantasy 2
For Best Use of Recycled Materials, the prize goes to Angie, for her thrifty costume. All of her materials were recycled — even her spooky skeleton earring came from an old wall hanger!
Finally, the prize for Best Costume Overall is awarded to Emma Mae, who dressed as the Queen of Hell — truly scary! What made this costume stand out for me is that every piece is hand-made, including the facial prosthetics. Wow!!
My thanks to everyone who entered — I hope you had as much fun putting together your costumes as I had looking at your photos. It was such a delight to see what effort everyone put in to making their outfits magical!

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