Kids Find the Magic at Merlin Camp!

by | Jun 21, 2016 | Blog, Encouraging Writers, Events, For Educators, News

A very special event for kids aged 9-12 was held in Boulder earlier this month… the inaugural week of Merlin Camp, brand new for 2016! Eleven young wizards joined the camp counselors from Boulder Bookstore and Boulder Public Library for a week-long day camp full of activities and learning based on the legends of Merlin.

Legendary Fun at Merlin Camp

Each day of the camp focused on a different aspect of Merlin’s magic and legend — nature, potions, and music, just to name a few — but the most important goal was to make sure that everyone had a chance to make some new friends, explore nature, and have a great time together. I believe this goal was achieved spectacularly!

Meeting a Tree Spirit

Meeting a Tree Spirit


Listening to some magical music.

Listening to some Magical Music


Journaling about Nature

Journaling about Nature


A very special guest appeared on the camp’s last day… the great wizard Merlin himself!

Merlin meets campers at Merlin Camp in Boulder Colorado.

The great wizard Merlin visits the young wizards-in-training at Merlin Camp in Boulder CO


Later on, I managed to stop by to say hello to all the campers, and talk to them about my journeys with Merlin.

Meeting the campers

Meeting the campers


Overall, this first year of Merlin Camp has been a tremendous success, and I can’t wait to meet all the campers next summer. May you all continue to feel the magic!