Inspiring Those on a New Path with Merlin’s Wisdom

by | Jul 2, 2015 | Blog, Books, Inspiration, Merlin

My book, “The Wisdom Of Merlin: Seven Magical Words for a Meaningful Life” makes a marvelous gift for people beginning a new path in their life. With that in mind, for the recent graduation season I reached out to several bloggers and asked them to share their very best advice for graduates of all levels — inspired by the magic of Merlin. I was really impressed by the wisdom they shared, and I believe you will be too!

I remember my own eighth grade graduation, and high school and college . . . they were times of great joy, but also a bit of apprehension of what was to come.

In her post, “Giving the Gift of Wisdom this Graduation Season“, Hillary of muses on gifts for her graduate, and asks: “Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could give [graduates] a gift they could use every day for the rest of their lives?” It is possible The Wisdom Of Merlin could be that gift for your loved one!

[S]urround yourself with positive influences and with those who encourage you to make decisions that will make you happy, not just now or in the immediate years ahead, but much further on into the future.

TerriAnn of celebrates her daughter’s 8th grade graduation, and speaks for all parents as she reflects on the growth of her family. She advises new graduates to “make this a time of precious memories and experiences and not one of regrets.

As parents, we think we’re used to changes. […] If you thought that watching your child get on the school bus for the first time was hard, get ready for harder.

Among the many words of wisdom she shares, Ellen of‘s advice to stay true to your values really rings true: “Whatever choices you make in your life or your job, be true to who you are. No one worth being with and nothing worth having is worth sacrificing who you really are.

Graduation hit me like a ton of bricks. Bam! All of a sudden I was a college graduate in need of taking the world by storm.

Despite not having a traditional High School graduation, Jill of looks back fondly on her college graduation. She recalls her own mindset at that time, and advises graduates not to dismiss the advice given by family and friends: “I was given so much very good advice. Some wisdom I listened to. Some I ignored. Some I only realized was relevant years or even decades later.

Now is an exciting time for recent high school grads. It’s FREEDOM at last! Or so you think.

Drawing on her own experiences, Angela of offers some resonant words for recent high-school grads who “think they have it all figured out”: “Like so many, I made a lot of mistakes early on. In the end everything worked out, but there are some things I would have done differently.

If you have a new graduate in your life, or know anyone beginning on a new journey through life, I encourage you to share The Wisdom of Merlin with them!