This photo & blog entry were created by Chelsey Saatkamp as part of my “Into Nature” guest blog series celebrating the reissue of my book, The Ancient One. I invite you to submit your own nature inspirations for a chance to win signed copies of the new edition of The Ancient One and for your entry to be featured here on my blog!


a view from Central Park in NYCLiving in New York City, it can occasionally get depressing being surrounded by nothing but skyscrapers and dirty subways day after day. Luckily the city has a lot of parks scattered throughout, which are a lovely refuge whenever I can venture over to them. Central Park in particular is a wonder in the middle of the city, and even though you can see the skyscrapers surrounding its 843 acres, it’s is an essential refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in New York. Reading a good book by the lake is an instant pick-me-up, better than any amount of food or sleep can provide.

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