My Favorite Villain

Much of the focus of my stories is on the path of heroes, since, as Joseph Campbell so wisely taught, every great and enduring adventure involves the journey of a hero who works toward a worthy goal. But some of the most memorable stories have another very important character…. the villain. Villains are hugely important…

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Nature: the Ultimate Source of Balance, Inspiration, and Magic

I remember the very first time I saw the stars on a high mountain ridge in Colorado. It was a clear summer night; no artificial lights distracted from the vista. The evening was calm, but I could feel a gentle breeze, lighter than an owl’s feather, tousling my hair as I gazed up at the…

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More Magical Origin Stories… By Fans Like You!

In my last blog entry I shared a few of the entries from my recent Origin Story contest. The competition invited fans of my books to imagine the background of any character from one of my books, and write a short piece of fiction outlining their history. I can’t tell you how pleased I am…

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Magical Origin Stories Written by Readers

Exploring stories of untold beginnings has always appealed to me as a writer. The Merlin Saga began after I wondered about the early life of the man who became the wise and powerful old wizard we know so well from the tales of Arthurian legend. And instead of focusing solely on the mystery of the…

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Giving Birth to a New Book

The very first time I hold a new book that I’ve written, I gently give it a loving hug… just as if it were a newborn baby. And maybe, in a way, it is. For giving a new book to the world is the closest thing to delivering life that I will ever be able…

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Gratitude: The Path to a Meaningful – and Magical – Life

Long after Thanksgiving is over, two things endure – the feeling that I couldn’t possibly eat another piece of turkey… and, more importantly, a deep sense of gratitude. It will come as no surprise, then, to learn that I recently picked up a book called GRATITUDE by Oliver Sacks. It’s a quartet of essays that…

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Wrapping up my Atlantis Lost Book Tour

As I wrote about in my last blog entry, I’ve been dashing around the country this autumn in celebration of the release of the third and final book of my Atlantis Saga. Last weekend, after an amazing Thanksgiving with family and friends, I joined readers and friends at two local bookstores to wrap up the…

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From the Atlantis Lost Book Tour

I’m more than halfway through the book tour for Atlantis Lost – and what an adventure it has been! I’ve been to 6 cities in 5 states and have been thrilled to meet so many of you and sign your books. And I’ve had some fun experiences along the way, too: I did a Writers’…

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Atlantis Lost Book Tour!

I’m very happy to share that the third book in my Atlantis Saga, Atlantis Lost, is coming to bookstores everywhere on November 8th. In honor of this final installment in the tale of the mysterious, magical island, I’ll be visiting independent bookstores across the United States to do readings, signings, and of course — my…

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Inspiring Change Makers

Seasons are a revolving gift—continually different from what has gone before and what will come after. They are the ultimate change makers, with varied weather, foods, holidays, flora, fauna, and activities for us all. Plus a special seasonal magic. In autumn, now upon us, nature transforms the landscape with a spectacular array of colors, bringing…

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