"Atlantis Rising" – Today's the Day!

Today is a very exciting day – the launch of my latest book, Atlantis Rising. Atlantis – a name, a place, and a mystery, all in one. Like you, I’ve always wondered about this mythic isle…and dreamed of boarding a magical sailboat to go there, explore its secrets, and discover what was lost for all…

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Welcome to My New Website!

I am very excited to welcome you to my new website. I’ve always thought of my site as a place where you, my readers and friends, can explore my worlds, and this newly designed site helps me welcome you in even deeper. Here you will quite easily find information about the worlds of Merlin, Kate,…

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Introducing "Atlantis Rising"

I’m thrilled to introduce you to my newest “baby” – my book “Atlantis Rising!” This will be the first book in a new Atlantis trilogy.  When you read it, you’ll discover that it’s different from any other Atlantis story, because instead of focusing on the destruction of this wondrous lost civilization, I’m telling the story…

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How Do You Write Your Stories, T. A. Barron?

(This is part I of a two-part series on how I write. For part II, please click here.) It’s the question fans always ask: “How do you write your stories?” Writers say they hate this question, and probably some really do. Because the writing process can be a fragile structure of instincts, research, emotion, and…

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Merlin the Movie Update: December 2012

Good news! Warner Bros. Studio recently renewed its option to develop this film. That’s a good sign of their excitement about this project — though still a long way from the Merlin movie we all want to see. More good news: As part of this process, the studio has asked a certain writer to help…

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Merlin the Movie Update: September 2012

Just received the first draft of the script. It’s coming together nicely. Most important, it remains true to the spirit of our friend Merlin. On top of that, I am delighted with the visionary leadership of my producer, Donald DeLine, and his team, in this whole process.

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Merlin the Movie Update: June 2012

Warner Bros. has just hired a new, highly acclaimed script writer, Ed Whitworth. He brings excellent writing skills, and even more important, a genuine passion for young Merlin’s adventures. Expect a first draft of the script soon …

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Merlin the Movie Update: January 2012

Excellent news! Donald DeLine, a terrific producer, has just signed onto this project. He brings huge experience as a highly successful producer – including several films that have each grossed almost $200 million worldwide (which sounds like a lot of money to me): The Italian Job, Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole, and…

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Merlin the Movie Update: July 2010

We have reached, at long last, a crucial stage — going out to directors. We now have a short list of terrific, absolutely top filmmakers. Any one of these directors would do a brilliant job. Our goal is to bring one of them onto the project as soon as possible. Simon Kinberg, who wrote the…

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Merlin the Movie Update: January 2009

Having just returned home from a creative meeting at the Paramount studio in California (the third such meeting in three months), I can tell you there is great excitement for this project. We still have much to do to achieve the goal of a phenomenal feature film — but things are moving in the right…

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