Questions from Readers About Merlin

It seems natural that since I’ve written many books about Merlin (and I’m also working on Merlin: The Movie!), you all have many questions for me about Merlin and his magic. I love answering your questions, so here are some of the best answers I can give about Merlin and my relationship with the Great…

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We Need Heroes at Any Age

We all need heroes. I truly believe this. That’s why I’ve always placed a young hero, a boy or a girl, at the heart of each of my books. Readers can relate to these characters because often, they’re solving similar mysteries in their own lives: Who am I, really? What’s important to me? How do…

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More Awards for Atlantis Rising!

I’m excited and humbled to share with you the news that Atlantis Rising has been selected to receive two great awards! Atlantis Rising was awarded a silver medal from the 2013 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards (Celebrating Youthful Curiosity, Discovery and Learning through Books and Learning) in the Young Adult Fiction – Fantasy/Sci-Fi category. Atlantis Rising…

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Questions from Readers About Books and Reading

I get lots of questions from my fans every single day — via email, snail mail, or Facebook post. Or in person — like today, when two people spotted me at a coffee shop in California. The most unexpected example of that came when a whole class of seventh graders from Vermont found me up…

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More of Merlin’s Most Magical Words: Courage and Knowledge

Last week I shared with you the video Merlin’s Guide to a Meaningful Life: The Seven Most Magical Words — and promised that I’d follow up with two of those words. Well, here are the next two videos in the series: Courage and Knowledge. Merlin’s seven magical words, and the one word which empowers them…

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Merlin’s Seven Most Magical Words

I’m excited to share with you my latest video — Merlin’s Guide to a Meaningful Life: The Seven Most Magical Words.  This video is both a preview of an upcoming book… and the start of my video series that explores how Merlin would answer the questions, “What is the meaning of life?” and “If there…

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Atlantis Rising Tour Wrap Up

My Atlantis Rising book tour has come to an end. From Seattle to New York, with 22 events (not including my trip across the pond to Oxford!) in almost as many cities it has been a wild adventure indeed! But I have had so much fun meeting all of you, hearing your stories and, of…

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Why Do I Write Fantasy?

If you imagine where I live in Colorado—beside a willow-draped creek that is home to  wild coyotes, foxes, hawks and owls—you can guess how much inspiration this place gives me.  And in the distance, from the windows of my writing room in our attic, I can see the snowy ridges of Rocky Mountain National Park…

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Atlantis Rising Tour – Colorado’s Front Range and the East Coast

What a wonderful time this book tour has been! I’ve met a lot of lovely families and educators and visited some great bookstores with passionate readers. But truly, there’s no place like home! This week I have a few events in Colorado at locations that are near and dear to my heart – the Boulder…

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Atlantis Rising Tour – Festivals, Book Stores, and an Old English Village

Today’s post comes to you from charming Oxford, England where I’m enjoying a rare, clear evening! The last few weeks have been hectic, to say the least, but I’m excited to be back in Oxford and to be a part of the TORCH-Smith School Symposium on humanities and the environment. While I’m here, I also…

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