Creativity is an irresistible force that lifts the hearts and minds of everyone it touches. Check out these links to find resources for your own creative explorations. Especially useful to writers is “A Special Essay for Writers” — and I hope you’ll laugh with me at the completely bizarre story of how I got started as a writer. You’ll also enjoy the many episodes from my podcast, Magic & Mountains, devoted to the agony and ecstasy, mystery and power, of writing.

Teachers, librarians, parents, and homeschool families, check out my many helpful videos which discuss character, voice, place, fantasy, and inspiration – as well as links to articles and blogs about the challenges and joys of writing. I hope you’ll share them with the aspiring writers in your life. In addition, the Q & A provides extra insight into my own quirky writing process … from how I get my ideas, to why a character ultimately comes to life, to what lessons I’ve learned from the wizard Merlin.

The videos available below are just a sample of my videos on creativity and writing. Visit my YouTube channel for more on creativity.

My dearest hope is that all these resources will encourage you to find your own unique voice, write what you love, and share your stories with the world.