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How Are You Inspired by Nature?

While hiking in California some years ago, I found the most magnificent tree I’d ever seen—a redwood of such grandeur that I nearly fell over backward trying to see its highest boughs. As I came closer, the smell of its resins enveloped me, and when I ran my hand across the deep creases of its…

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The Real Story of THE ANCIENT ONE

I’m very excited that my book, THE ANCIENT ONE, is being re-released by my publisher on March 8th of this year. Originally published in 1992, the book, part of my Heartlight Saga, tells the story of Kate, an inquisitive teenager who finds herself caught in a battle over the fate of a pristine Redwood forest…

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Why Write About Nature?

Have you ever seen the stars shine so bright you almost needed to squint your eyes? On peaceful nights when I look up at the dazzling stars shining above our family cabin on the slopes of the Colorado Rockies, I understand the power of nature to make me feel both truly insignificant and greatly magnified…

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