Merlin Book 2 : The Seven Songs

A book from The Merlin Saga

full_merlinbook02The Saga continues …

Merlin has brought hope to Fincayra, the enchanted isle that lies between earth and sky. But Fincayra is still in great danger—and its first victim is Merlin’s mother. Merlin’s only hope to save her is to master the Seven Songs of Wisdom, but to do that he must defeat an ogre whose merest glance could mean death.

Previously published as The Seven Songs of Merlin.

978-0-14-241920-5 | 306 Pages | Ages 10+

Book 1 of The Merlin Saga is being made into a movie by Disney! Catch up on all the latest news on the Merlin the Movie page.

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“Full of action and excitement, foremost a tale of the heart…Merlin’s inner journey is convincing and heartwarming. A rich and resonant read.”
Kirkus Reviews

“This richly layered fantasy is filled with harrowing escapades and many surprises. Arthurian legend is used as the starting point for a delightfully original story of magic and myth that retains the spirit of the classic tales.”
School Library Journal

“Spellbinding…readers will relish not only the action and the well-crafted setting but also Merlin’s growth from a callow youth to a wiser, more caring wizard-in-training.”

“The Seven Songs of Merlin is a sparkling gem that shines with the multi-faceted brilliance that is Barron’s.”
Chinaberry Book Review

“This novel is filled with numerous adventures, delightful enchantments…and engaging characters.”
Children’s Book Review

“Author T.A. Barron believes Merlin himself is a metaphor for us all, for all of us have magical powers down deep inside, waiting to be discovered.”
Curriculum Administrator Magazine

“In this riveting fantasy, Merlin’s ability to see not with his eyes but with his heart is most compelling—not just for young readers, but also for their parents.”
Family Life (Critic’s Choice Review)

“The Seven Songs of Merlin is a marvelous, many layered fantasy. This solid story is built on carefully researched Welsh and Arthurian lore that enriches the complex tapestry of characters, setting, and story. Bringing all these layers together is something achieved in only the best fantasy and Barron has done a masterful job.”
— Barbara Kiefer
Ohio State University, Professor of Children’s Literature

“Barron weaves danger, challenges, bravery and self-discovery…metaphorically, Merlin’s journey is one that we all make or at least yearn to make.”
Colorado Daily

“Triumphant…infused with wonderful mysticism.”
Rocky Mountain News

“Merlin as a boy learns of his passion and gifts of wisdom and power. In Barron’s fantastical language, Fincayra emerges as a shrouded isle, an enchanted land.”
San Diego Union-Tribune

“Who was Merlin when he was a young man? What were his dreams? These are a few of Barron’s questions, adding interesting dimensions to the legends of Camelot, King Arthur, and Merlin himself.”
Oakland Tribune

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