Tours: For Writers

by | Jul 22, 2014 | Blog, For Writers, News, On Writing

Welcome back to my website tour series exploring the “For” sections of my website. So far, I’ve covered For Readers and For Educators. I hope you’ve found these pages and the resources within fun and useful. This month, we’ll take a quick tour through the For Writers section.

I’m often asked for advice on writing and becoming a published author. I wrote my essay, Growing a Writer’s Tree to help writers find inspiration and give a little insight into my process. You can find this article by clicking on the first link, A Special Essay for Writers.

The link More Articles on Writing will take you to a list of other articles written by me or about me on the topic of writing. I’ve also included some videos discussing characters, fantasy, and inspiration. And, of course, the Books link will take you to the section of my website that explores my books.

Finally, I have included a link to the Q & A section of my website. Since I am often asked about writing, what inspires me, and why I write fiction, you’ll find a lot of questions on the topic of writing answered in my Q & A.

Hopefully these resources will help you along your writing journey – but I always welcome new questions. You can post yours on Twitter and Facebook and I’ll answer as many as I can during writing breaks!

Next month I’ll cover the last of the “For” sections, and one that is especially close to my heart: For Nature Lovers.