This website is packed with resources, and no more so than for Educators. Why? Because I hope you will help me to infect your readers with Contagious Imagination.

I hope you will share my books with your readers, so that they may be transported to new worlds. My downloads page is full of absolutely FREE resources like discussion guides, printable bookmarks, activity guides, and more that you can use in your classroom, homeschool, or library. The Q&A, Articles & Blogs, Maps, and Videos all provide starting points from which to have wonderful discussions with your readers. Please feel free to share them within your class or school blogs or distribute copies to your readers. May the enthusiasm of your readers be measured by the quality of the questions they ask!

To inspire your readers, please visit my Young Heroes page or our sister site, Inspiring Young Heroes (IYH). The Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes celebrates outstanding young leaders, and I encourage you to mention it to the young heroes in your midst. IYH is a video portal showcasing the incredible stories of some of the young heroes we have honored at the Barron Prize.

The videos available below are just a sample of my videos for educators. For more great videos to share with your classroom, check out this playlist I put together just for educators and the full TAB Video Collection on my YouTube channel.