Tours: For Educators

by | May 13, 2014 | Blog, For Educators, For Young Heroes, On Reading

Last month, I kicked off a series of blog tours, taking you through the “For” sections of my website. I hope you enjoyed the “For Readers” tour and found something new and fun on my site! This time, we’ll tour the “For Educators” section, the largest of the “For” sections. I’ve packed it full of resources for educators because I believe teachers, librarians, and parents light the fires of inspiration that stay with children throughout their lives.

Of course, the “For Educators” section begins with a link to my books. I hope you’ll find books you can share — from my novels to my non-fiction Books to Inspire.

Next is one of the most important resources you’ll find on my site — my free Gift Box for Educators. I’ve filled these gift boxes full of items I hope will help you inspire your students and get them reading. Boxes include full-color posters, bookmarks, reading guides, articles, my author documentary (more on that in a minute), and other goodies that you can use in your classroom – all completely free! Just fill out the request form to order your box.

Though I hope you’ll order an entire gift box, educators can order the DVD alone from the Author Documentary link. This documentary was created to introduce readers to my books and myself, and also to encourage children to find inspiration and become a positive force in the world! Set in my beautiful home state of Colorado, it’s full of gorgeous scenery, too.

Like the “For Readers” section, you’ll also find links to Q & A with T. A. Barron and Maps from T. A. Barron’s Worlds. And I’ve compiled a list of articles especially for educators in Articles for Educators.

One of my favorite links is to Classroom Creations, the page where you can find special art, videos, and other treats made by you and your students. Perhaps your students will be motivated to make their own creations. Send them to me and you never know, maybe I’ll feature it here, too!

The last two links are both related to the Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes, a national award created to honor heroic young people making a difference in their community and beyond. The Young Heroes link will take you to the intro page for this section, introducing you to the prize and to my non-fiction book, The Hero’s Trail. And the Dream Big Documentary is a short film created to highlight some of the heroic young people honored by the prize. You can order the Dream Big Documentary from this page, as well as the Heroes Materials which includes the documentary and reading guides to help inspire your students to help others.

I hope you’ll find the resources in this section helpful to you and inspirational to your students! Check back soon for a tour of the “For Writers” section.