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Forces for Nature Podcast
with Crystal DiMiceli
Episode 72
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There’s magic in nature and in all of us. T. A. Barron integrates this belief into his life as a bestselling author, conservationist, and host of the Magic & Mountains podcast. But, it’s his work honoring young changemakers with the Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes, that really proves this notion to be true. These individuals are making significant contributions to environmental conservation and community improvement, despite the odds that may be stacked against them. And T. A. shines a light on their heroism and the power we all have deep inside.

If you need some inspiration to keep going with the great work you’re doing (along with some practical guidance), you’ll find it in this episode.

Since its inception, the Barron Prize has awarded more than half a million dollars to hundreds of young leaders and has won the support of the National Geographic Education Foundation, Girl Scouts of the USA, and the National Youth Leadership Council, among other organizations. When not writing or speaking, T. A. Barron serves on many boards including Princeton University, where he helped to create the Princeton Environmental Institute, and The Wilderness Society, which recently honored him with its highest award for conservation work.

Episode Highlights
  • Where can we find hope amid all the doom and gloom we hear of and experience?
  • What’s the biggest challenge that young changemakers face nowadays? (it’s not what you think)
  • What’s the responsibility of creatives in today’s world?
How YOU Can Help
  • Barron suggests that the best way to inspire others, especially young people, is through the example set by our own actions and choices.
  • Share the good stories. The bad ones seem to always rise to the top so we need to counter them with stories of the good that people are doing in the world. It’s surprising how effective simple storytelling can be in inspiring action.
  • For those who are or know young changemakers, consider applying for the Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes.
  • Echoing his advice for the main character in many of his books, Merlin, Barron urges listeners to recognize the unique magic within themselves and use that to create positive change in YOUR world. The ripple effects will follow.