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Nature as a Character

The natural world is not merely a setting, a backdrop for my stories — but a full-blown character.

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Love of Nature Photo Contest

Enter a picture that showcases your love of nature into this photo contest for a chance to win.

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Giving Hope and Giving Back

It takes a community to make a difference. I am pleased to announce the winners of the Giving Hope for the Holidays Charity Contest.

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Giving Hope for the Holidays
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Merlin’s Seven Magical Words: Gratitude

At this time of year, the idea of Gratitude — one of Merlin’s most potent magical words — is never far from my mind. After all, with a holiday named “Thanksgiving”, it’s only natural that the holiday season inspires us to recall our blessings and take a moment to reflect upon how grateful we are…

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Merlin on the Wind

I am thrilled to share this article I wrote for the Aug/Sept 2017 edition of National Geographic Traveler magazine. The article is featured in a section titled “British Accents” and includes a selection of beautiful photographs and stories about the British countryside, including this short essay about the mythical land of Merlin – Wales! Stand on…

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Live Your Life as a Story

These remarks were given as part of my address to the graduating class of the University of California Santa Barbara in June 2017. If you folks like a good story, as I do – then try this: Think of your life as a story. A Story You Create Yourself My own story is one with…

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Nature: the Ultimate Source of Balance, Inspiration, and Magic

I remember the very first time I saw the stars on a high mountain ridge in Colorado. It was a clear summer night; no artificial lights distracted from the vista. The evening was calm, but I could feel a gentle breeze, lighter than an owl’s feather, tousling my hair as I gazed up at the…

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Thank You for Going #IntoNature With Me!

I was so pleased at all the entries I received to my recent #IntoNature promotion in celebration of the re-release of The Ancient One! So many of you chose to share your videos, photographs, and thoughts with me, I loved reading your thoughts about the healing power of nature, its ability to surprise, to awe,…

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The Enchantment of Nature

This entry was contributed by Zanne Tarlow as part of my “Into Nature” guest blog series celebrating the reissue of my book, The Ancient One. I invite you to submit your own nature inspirations for a chance to win signed copies of the new edition of The Ancient One and for your entry to be…

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