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Volunteering with Children: 10 Ways to Encourage Kids to Give Back

Encouraging young people to harness their energy in the form of volunteering is one of the most valuable actions you can take toward creating a better future for your children, with your children.

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How a Butterfly Can Change the World

The Butterfly Effect is one of my favorite concepts. In fact, I’ve even written about the power of a butterfly’s wings in my novel, Heartlight. If you’re unfamiliar with the Butterfly Effect, it is a theory of causality in physics which states that everything in the universe is connected — in ways so subtle and…

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Nature as a Character

The natural world is not merely a setting, a backdrop for my stories — but a full-blown character.

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Love of Nature Photo Contest

Enter a picture that showcases your love of nature into this photo contest for a chance to win.

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Giving Hope and Giving Back

It takes a community to make a difference. I am pleased to announce the winners of the Giving Hope for the Holidays Charity Contest.

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Giving Hope for the Holidays
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Merlin’s Seven Magical Words: Gratitude

At this time of year, the idea of Gratitude — one of Merlin’s most potent magical words — is never far from my mind. After all, with a holiday named “Thanksgiving”, it’s only natural that the holiday season inspires us to recall our blessings and take a moment to reflect upon how grateful we are…

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Merlin on the Wind

I am thrilled to share this article I wrote for the Aug/Sept 2017 edition of National Geographic Traveler magazine. The article is featured in a section titled “British Accents” and includes a selection of beautiful photographs and stories about the British countryside, including this short essay about the mythical land of Merlin – Wales! Stand on…

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Live Your Life as a Story

These remarks were given as part of my address to the graduating class of the University of California Santa Barbara in June 2017. If you folks like a good story, as I do – then try this: Think of your life as a story. A Story You Create Yourself My own story is one with…

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Nature: the Ultimate Source of Balance, Inspiration, and Magic

I remember the very first time I saw the stars on a high mountain ridge in Colorado. It was a clear summer night; no artificial lights distracted from the vista. The evening was calm, but I could feel a gentle breeze, lighter than an owl’s feather, tousling my hair as I gazed up at the…

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