Tree Girl

In her lonely cottage by the sea, Anna dreams of solving her life’s greatest mystery — the secret truth about her mother…and her own origins.

To do that, without any help from the old fisherman Mellwyn, she must go to the farthest edge of the wild forest. There, at the High Willow, she feels certain she’ll find the truth at last.

But that journey is fraught with dangers. Does she dare to make the journey, and to risk awakening the mysterious spirits who live among the trees? To triumph, Anna must face the forest’s unknowns…and her own deepest fears.

Lyrical, spellbinding, and profoundly moving, T.A. Barron’s tale is both truly magical and unforgettable.

Hardback ISBN: 0-399-23457-8
Paperback ISBN: 978-0-142-42708-8

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T. A. Barron Reads Tree Girl

Join T. A. Barron as he reads through Tree Girl from his writing room. Also, be sure to check out this special series of Activity Sheets you can complete as you follow along.

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“Tree Girl will surely delight its readers. As in all T.A. Barron books, there is a great deal of wisdom and humor — and an unforgettable hero.”
— Madeleine L’Engle, Newbery Winner, A Wrinkle in Time

“Barron is a wonderful storyteller, a maker of myths and fables who creates magical places where characters can learn wisdom and power.”
School Library Journal

“A good book has the power to engage and entertain. A great book has the power to inspire, to provide new perspectives, and to open a child’s mind to new possibilities. The books of T.A. Barron definitely fall into the “Great Book” category. …I read Tree Girl most recently and, as a writer, was fascinated by the way Barron weaves elements of environmentalism, folklore, and personal discovery into a story that is brief but completely engrossing.”
— Jamie Lee,

“Behind Tree Girl is the author’s bone deep belief in the holiness of our earth and the children and trees on it. I wish there were a thousand T.A. Barrons out there.”
— Rosemary Wells, Author of Mary on Horseback

“Tree Girl is sprightly, magical, and wise. The story is one to enjoy and to ponder, a breath of the forest — a delight.”
— Barbara Helen Berger, Author of Grandfather Twilight

“In Tree Girl, T.A. Barron has created a fantasy with the poignancy and the lyricism of the best tales of Hans Christian Andersen. As readers we come away with new insights about our human condition and about our essential and fundamental connections to our natural surroundings.”
— Barbara Kiefer, Author of Children’s Literature in the Elementary School, 6th and 7th Editions

“Barron portrays [characters]…with subtlety and originality… Teens will respond to [this book’s] underlying themes of self reliance, rebellion, and the search for self knowledge.

“I read Tree Girl aloud to my entire family (my youngest is a 2nd grader). They were entranced. The only time I heard anything from them was when I paused to take a drink. The cry was, ‘Keep going!'”

“Nautilus Award-winner Barron creates an imaginative world where plant and animal are not quite separate species, where trees can speak and even dance. Restating many of the signature themes of his earlier novels (most notably The Lost Years of Merlin), Barron continues to create engaging characters in transformative situations, leading readers of all ages to better appreciate their intimate and subtle connections to one another and the entire natural world.”
— Antoinette Botsford, NAPRA Review

“I found Tree Girl very touching. It speaks to the mystery that every child has within.”
— William Howarth, Professor of English Literature, Princeton University

“With this book, Mr. Barron reaches out to a younger audience than many of his books appeal to. It is, as are his other works, heart-warming and insightful. What struck me most is the affirmation of the importance of one’s heritage and parents in a time when young people learn earlier and earlier to rebel. This book will speak to your soul!”
— Huntress Reviews

“Barron’s latest, Tree Girl, is a worthy successor to The Lost Years of Merlin, The Ancient One, and Where Is Grandpa? … T. A. Barron is a wonderful find for young readers for this reason: He tells interesting stories without dumbing them down.”
Boulder Daily Camera

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