Atlantis Lost

Book 3 of The Atlantis Saga

Atlantis Lost by T. A. BarronNow Available!

A powerful wave is coming . . .

In the years since the ship of Greek sailors crashed onto Atlantis, an advanced civilization has sprouted—but at a terrible cost. Much of the magical island is now an industrial wasteland, with wondrous creatures everywhere in peril.

Meanwhile, in the spirit realm, Promi can’t visit his beloved Atlanta because of renewed battles with the warlord Narkazan. But when Narkazan’s forces attack Earth—targeting Atlanta and the precious Starstone—Promi rushes to stop them.

With the spirit realm, Atlantis, and all magic in danger, Promi must save those he loves. But what will it take to defeat Narkazan and his army?

In this action-packed conclusion to the Atlantis trilogy, Promi and Atlanta may lose their beloved island forever. Yet some of the magic of Atlantis could still survive—though only with great sacrifices…and even greater miracles.

978-0-399-16805-5 | 224 Pages | Ages 10+


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“Can Promi (Prometheus)—whose character has developed great depth throughout this series—preserve the people and magic he loves? Good and evil contrast starkly in this lush fantasy world populated with unicorns, wind lions, wyverns, dragons, mistwraiths, and human folk.”

“As he often does, T. A. Barron takes elements of a legend and breathes new life into it. Much as he did with Merlin, the Atlantis Saga showed us a new side to a story we were already familiar with. It brought to life the people that lived on the island and told us in startling detail exactly how their home returned to the sea.

“Knowing Atlantis was doomed from the outset is a difficult way to enter a series such as this, but it doesn’t stop you from falling in love with the various characters who populate this world.”

“Delicately beautiful imagery…Barron [shows] that protecting those you love sometimes comes with hard choices and sacrifice, but cushions these truths with courage and hope for the future.”

I couldn’t put any of these books down. I read all of these in two days. They were that good. The worst part of the series was that you got incredibly attached to all of the characters…but you knew what was going to happen in the last book (Guess what? Atlantis sinks!). And that made it hard to read on…but you couldn’t stop. I tried and I failed.

“Barron’s rich world building evokes classic high fantasy novels such as LeGuin’s Earthsea Cycle or Anne Mccaffrey’s The Dragonriders of Pern. Both Atlantis and the spirit world are lovingly described, and in between the fights with monsters there are plenty of leisurely, Hobbit-esque moments with mint tea and honey and cozy hearthsides.”
Ms. Yingling Reads

“Featuring the battle between good and evil and offering an explanation for the disappearance of the island of Atlantis, the last volume of Barron’s trilogy is exciting and action packed.”


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