To Walk In Wilderness

To Walk in Wilderness by T. A. BarronFor me, writing is exploring. Whether it’s the surprising connections among people, the wondrous patterns of nature, or the mysterious wellsprings of the spirit—the universe beckons. I love to explore it, whether by foot or by pen.

The many moods of these places, reflecting the unending motions of sun and moon and clouds, became our friends, even when they caused us to shake with cold or drip with perspiration. During our journey, we followed every major drainage in the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness, right to the source; we walked on trails that the Ute Indians knew a thousand years ago; we met thirty-hour storms — and boundless wildflowers. It was an experience that left me forever changed, forever deepened. It was a gift of the land.

ISBN: 1-56579-038-3


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“A bonanza of insights for hikers and wilderness lovers.”
— Stewart Udall

“T.A. Barron creates images of alpine country that allow us to see meadows as text, rivers and mountains as guardians of our spirit. Traveling throughout the pages of this pictorial journal reminds me that beauty is not optional.”
— Terry Tempest Williams

“The need to protect nature as a wellspring of the human soul is what Barron’s novels are all about. His strength is the depth of his love for the wild country and his skill is making us see the world through that lens.”
— R.E. Baird, Colorado Daily

“Barron chronicles the joys, trials, and personal inspiration of a glorious month exploring Colorado’s wilderness.”
Backpacker Magazine

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