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full_merlinbook01Penguin USA, my publisher, has released a major new edition of all twelve books in the Merlin Saga. This new edition includes all the adventures in Merlin’s world – the five books of the Lost Years of Merlin epic: Book 1: The Lost Years, Book 2: The Seven Songs, Book 3: The Raging Fires, Book 4: The Mirror of Fate, and Book 5: A Wizard’s Wings; the Merlin’s Dragon trilogy: Book 6: The Dragon of Avalon, Book 7: Doomraga’s Revenge, and Book 8: Ultimate Magic; and the Great Tree of Avalon trilogy: Book 9: The Great Tree of Avalon, Book 10: Shadows on the Stars, and Book 11: The Eternal Flame.

And to cap everything off is a beautifully illustrated companion volume, MERLIN: The Book of Magic — with the secret backstories of more than 150 characters, magical objects, and enchanted places from Merlin’s world. All twelve books have stunning new covers and artwork.

Enjoy your adventures with Merlin in these new volumes of the Merlin saga!


T. A. Barron talks about Merlin and creating his mythical world.



“The Lost Years of Merlin changed my life in a way that I didn’t think another series could after Harry Potter. These books are a sweeping epic fantasy that taught me the true value of nature and all of its creatures. I learned that sometimes the tiniest beings have the biggest hearts. I realized that even if we have the power to rule over others, it doesn’t mean we should. And, most importantly, it showed me that you can’t control where you come from, but you can control where you go.

The possibilities in life are endless, if we’re only brave enough to take a chance. And even when everything appears to be stacked against you, you’ll find at least one person (or animal) who will always believe in you!” (Printer-friendly review.)
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Discover all 12 books in this saga:


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