Dream Big Documentary


Dream Big: The Inspiring Young Heroes of the Barron Prize

Dream Big profiles seven young heroes – all winners of the Barron Prize – who are making the world a better place. These outstanding young people are using courage, creativity, and commitment to address a wide range of environmental and community problems. Each of them shares a unique story of dreaming big, overcoming obstacles, and affecting change. And each of them demonstrates the power of one person to make a difference.

This 45-minute documentary film, includes an in depth interview with Jane Goodall, who speaks about her dreams and inspirations as a young girl.

Narrated by T. A. Barron, the film asks viewers to think critically about:

  • What it means to be a hero
  • The difference between a hero and a celebrity
  • The qualities of a hero

Dream Big is part of a comprehensive set of materials, available free to educators, to help explore the concept of heroes with their students.

Learn more by watching the Dream Big trailer below, and then order your free copy of Dream Big and supporting materials.

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