Take the time to do good for a friend, family member, or your community. Using T. A. Barron’s #SparkGoodness idea guide, try these 50 great ideas to help keep your kids — or the whole family — active and engaged throughout the year.

Keeping kids active and engaged in their community can be pretty challenging. That’s why I created my #SparkGoodness activity sheet filled with inspiring ideas for kids of all levels! Every time one person shows genuine kindness, compassion, honesty, or courage, that person shines a ray of light into the darkness. That’s why I feel so strongly about encouraging young people to create “sparks of goodness” — large or small — in order to help make the world around you a better place.

Want to participate and sparks some goodness? It’s easy! Simply download the free “50 Ways to Create Sparks of Goodness” suggestion sheet filled with ideas for your family, as well as my “#SparkGoodness Tracker” sheet to keep track of all the things you’re doing to make your kindness count and post both sheets somewhere visible — in my house, it’s usually the refrigerator! Next, every time you select and complete a Spark of Goodness, mark it down on the tracker to keep parents and kids (and even babysitters!) inspired to make a difference all year long.

Once you’ve performed one or more acts of kindness, head over to SparkGoodness.com and let me know all the great things you’ve done — every entry until October makes you eligible for the month’s #SparkGoodness prize!

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