Never Again: The Origin of Grukarr

Never Again by T. A. BarronMany of you have wondered about the origins of Grukarr—the ruthless, brutal, power-hungry priest who tries to destroy Promi and Atlanta (and anyone else he can’t control) in my novel Atlantis Rising. As the magical isle of Atlantis is finally born, both as a place on the map and a legend in the heart, Grukarr’s life seems to end. Not at all prettily. But not so fast!

There may still be more of his story to come — as you’ll see in the books of the Atlantis Trilogy. So for all those who wish to know the secret of Grukarr’s origins, here it is.

But in this case, alas…be careful what you wish for.

This free ebook is included in the Atlantis Rising paperback edition (ISBN 978-0-14-751221-5) – but you can also download it now, directly through my website. Just click on the green Download eBook button to begin.

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Discover the 4 books of The Atlantis Saga:

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