Atlantis in Peril

Book 2 of The Atlantis Saga

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Atlantis in Peril by T. A. BarronThe island of Atlantis is at risk!

In Atlantis Rising, Promi and Atlanta saved their homeland by transforming it into the magical island of Atlantis. They had hoped that would keep it out of the clutches of the evil spirit warlord Narkazan. But Narkazan has returned and is more determined than ever to conquer the spirit realm and Atlantis as well.

Will the destiny of the magical isle lie in the boat of Greek sailors who washed up on shore? Will it lie in the powers of ethereal oceanglass that adorns a deep sea dragon? The mystical veil separating the spirit realm from Earth? Or will the growing bond between Promi and Atlanta cause the strongest magic?

This action-packed, emotionally rich sequel to T. A. Barron’s highly acclaimed Atlantis Rising is sure to keep readers enthralled as they fly and fight with Promi and Atlanta to save their beloved world.

978-0-399-16804-8 (Hardback)
978-0-14-751185-0 (Paperback)
257 Pages | Ages 10+


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“Barron is a master craftsman of fantasy worlds…Readers who enjoy high fantasy books in the manner or Tolkien, Lloyd Alexander, Tamora Piece, and Ursula LeGuin but who also want to explore the fascinating story of Atlantis, will enjoy Promi’s adventures as he struggles against both Narkazan and technology to save the mystical island of Atlantis.”
— 5-Star Review from YA Books Central

“I think I experienced every emotion possible while reading this story and found a new series I will follow to the end.”

“Promi and Atlanta work to rescue Promi’s kidnapped sister and defeat Narkazan’s many schemes as the story rushes to a cliff-hanger ending which will leave readers anxious for the final volume in this trilogy. Barron’s trademark fast-paced action with a twist of humor will pull readers along. Fans of the first book in the series and Barron’s other titles will find much to enjoy.”
School Library Journal

I couldn’t put any of these books down. I read all of these in two days. They were that good. The worst part of the series was that you got incredibly attached to all of the characters…but you knew what was going to happen in the last book (Guess what? Atlantis sinks!). And that made it hard to read on…but you couldn’t stop. I tried and I failed.

“The charismatic island of Atlantis sprang to life in Atlantis Rising and is now a thriving world with a deeply rooted source of power. Promi, with the mark of the prophecy emblazoned on his chest, has thrown the darkest foe, the evil warlord Narkazan, into a nearly bottomless maelstrom. All seems well on the surface. Then evil stirs…

“Using his trademark metaphor, Barron leads us into a world that only a rare few can begin to imagine. Underlying all is his message that each and every one of us human, plant, animal is uniquely valuable and necessary to this world. No matter our challenges or our failures, our story shines as vividly as any rainbow. Together we hold immense power and that power comes from the source called love.

“Barron has already proven himself a fine storyteller, and this sequel to Atlantis Rising (2013) has its share of evocative word pictures. Short chapters, magic, and plenty of action keep things moving, while a strong environmental theme offers connections with the modern world. Story lines related to love and family relationships, environmental responsibility and destruction, and good overcoming evil are all in play as readers reach a sinister cliff-hanger of an ending.”

“I had such a fun time reading this story, it took me right back to my childhood. It was full of excitement, magic, creatures of all kinds, and was hugely entertaining! …The writing in this story is purely magical. The visuals really opened up my imagination to an exciting new world of ideas. As I was reading this story, inspiration took me over: the style was perfect and the description even better. I highly recommend it to readers of all ages.”
— Krista Reviews

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