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Giant Courage Writing Contest

In 100 words or less, share a tale that embodies what “courage” means to you and how your were empowered, for a chance to win one of three prizes.

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The Power of Stories

The power of stories resides in the communicating core values and principles through shared words and experiences.

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One Step Closer to Your Dream

If you can imagine your goals, your future, and your path to making a better world — all that remains is to work hard to achieve your dreams!

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Love of Nature Photo Contest

Enter a picture that showcases your love of nature into this photo contest for a chance to win.

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How to Become a Better Writer Using Villains

I often receive letters and messages from fans asking for writing advice, and I do my best to point them toward the many resources for writers on my website. But as we move closer to Halloween, I thought I’d offer those seeking advice on becoming a better writer a new tip: get into the spirit…

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Once Upon a Villain
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Vision, Voice, and the Power of Creation

This article originally appeared in the April 1999 edition of Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA) magazine.PDF My children’s favorite question, beyond doubt, is “Dad, is that true?” Whenever we read a book together—regardless of the genre of the tale, the sophistication of the language, or the time of the day—one of the kids will invariably…

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