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About Writing Characters

Talking With T. A. Barron
— Molly E. Bercow, Family Life


Encouraging Writers

Nature Inspires Writing for T. A. Barron
— Aluvian, Age 13, North Carolina

Popular Merlin Author Inspires Students of All Ages
— Sidney, Grade 9, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Vision, Voice, and the Power of Creation
Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA) – 1999

Interview with T. A. Barron


On Fantasy

Interview With T. A. Barron
— Sissy Carroll, The ALAN Review

T. A. Barron – The Booklist Interview
View Online | PDF
Booklist – 2001

Truth and Fantasy
— T. A. Barron, School Library Journal

Why Fantasy Must Be True
— T. A. Barron, The Horn Book

Teaching the Difference Between Celebrities and Heroes
— Chicago Parent


About My Personal Writing

An Interview with T. A. Barron
— Elizabeth Varadan

Authors Carry Kids to Amazing Worlds:Barron and DiTerlizzi use their imaginations to entertain young readers
– Lana Berkowitz, Houston Chronicle

An Interview with T. A. Barron: Author of the upcoming novel: Atlantis Rising

Merlin’s Dragon Interview
— Mary Genthener, Sparkling Reviews

The Writer’s Magic Wand
— T. A. Barron, CBC Online

Voyage of Discovery: An Interview with T. A. Barron
— Kylene Beers, Emergency Librarian

The Creation of Young Heroes: An Interview with Author T. A. Barron
— Lauren Brooke Horn, Ooligan Press

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