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I visited a wonderful school in Los Angeles where they say this pledge every day, along with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Together, they make a truly inspiring start for the day!


I pledge allegiance to the Earth on which I stand, one world, one people, undivided, with nature, food, shelter, and justice for all.


Videos About Nature


Audio Interviews on Nature

Why Nature? Why Merlin?
Random House/Listening Library
Interview Transcript

NPR Living on Earth interview
– Steve Curwood, NPR
Interview Transcript


Articles on Nature

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General Nature Articles

EMA Interviews Author and Conservationist T.A. Barron
View on EMA Website | PDF
– EMA Earth Month Special Newsletter, April 2016

From the Giving Tree to the Whomping Willow: The 9 Best Trees in Literature
The Huffington Post

Interview With T. A. Barron
— Sissy Carroll, The ALAN Review

Loving as Well as Learning
— T.A. Barron, Princeton Environmental Institute Opening Comments

Nature Inspires Writing for T. A. Barron
— Aluvian, Age 13, North Carolina

Our Children Our Planet

Nature’s Voice: T. A. Barron’s blogs for the Earth
— T.A. Barron, for the NRDC Action Fund

Taking Time for Wisdom: The Books of T. A. Barron
— Patricia Lee Gauch, ALA Book Links

The Remarkable Metaphor of Merlin
— T.A. Barron, Book Links

On Conservation

As High as the Sky
— T.A. Barron, The Nature Conservancy

The Roadless Realms of My Heart
— T.A. Barron, Los Angeles Times

The War on Wilderness
— T.A. Barron, Boston Globe

Wondrously Blank: A Plea for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
— T.A. Barron, for the NRDC Action Fund

On My Nature Books

Interview With T. A. Barron
— Sally Estes, Booklist

Saving the Environment is Saving Ourselves
Earthjustice Magazine

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